Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup
Leaf Pickup

About Fall Cleanups

Fall cleanups are vital to keeping your lawn healthy while dormant for the winter. Everyone knows how harsh our winters can be on lawns, this can be increasingly taxing on your lawn if winter rot is left to sit under the snow. Winter rot is the left over plant matter from the fall season. If left untreated this winter rot will smother your lawn and make growing more difficult. Our fall cleanup removes leaves and plant material that accumulate into winter rot. We blow away all flowerbeds and walkways to leave your lawn tidy, and provide you with a final cut to leave just the right amount of grass for the winter season. 


Below is more information about what we offer, what options are available, and how they help your property. Please see our Rates page for how cleanups are billed

What we offer
  • Leaf Pickup (charged per bag with either paper or plastic of your choosing) 

  • Blow out of debris from flower beds and walkways

  • Cut & Trim

  • Core Aeration

  • Fall Fertilizer & Overseeding

Leaf Pickup/Debris Removal 

All of our fall cleanups start with leaf and debris removal from your property. We start by manually removing all leaves and debris from your lawn, flowerbeds, and walkways. Then all cleanups are finished with us blowing away all excess debris with high powered backpack blowers. Choose between paper or plastic bags to better suite your needs and budget.

Cut & Trim

All cleanups are completed with a cut and trim suited especially for your lawn to leave it looking picture perfect and well groomed. Using professional mowers and trimers we make sure no area is left un-cared for. Grass will be left at the appropriate length to ensure a successful dormancy through the winter.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is the process of removing small cores of soil from your lawn. This reduces soil compaction, allows more air and water to enter deep into your lawn and promotes root growth. Other benefits of Core Aeration are:

  • Thatch will break down easier

  • Water will not pool, and runoff grass 

  • Fertilizer will be more readily absorbed

  • Turf grass roots will grow stronger

  • Grass will be provided with more cushioning and resiliency

  • The ability to withstand heat and drought will be increased.

There are many types of aeration out there on the market, spike/foot aerators spread soil and leave it more compacted. At Clover we use brand new Blue Bird aerators to fully remove deep cores and allow your grass to spread out and breath.

Fall Fertilizer

We use a specialty fall fertilizer to promote new root growth with the right balance of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. The focus for your lawn at this time should be root strength and development to prepare it for the coming winter months

Dormant Seeding

Dormant Seeding is the process of spreading seed just prior to the ground freezing, ground and air temperatures are such that the seed won’t germinate until the Spring when the lawn begins developing new root systems helping develop an even fuller lawn.

*Top Dressing


Top dress your lawn for an additional cost based on square footage.


We add a thin layer of loam, compost, or garden soil. Through this process your lawn will be improved by:

  • Retaining more moisture and resisting drought often seen in Calgary & Red Deer's summer's

  • Improved root development

  • Evening out lumps and bumps, filling in any small indents that may develop.

  • Stimulating grass to produce new rootsytems and choking out weeeds