Base Rates

See below for our base rates on average Calgary lawns. Or, call us! We're happy to give you more information on how we reach our rates and find the right price that fits your budget.

Spring Cleanups

Full Clean up


Core Aeration Only


Power Raking Only

(Without hand rake)


Hand Raking


First Cut & Trim


Fertilization & Over-seed


Top Dressing

Based On Square Footage & Material Chosen


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Full Cleanups include: Core Aeration, Power Rake, Cut & Trim, Fertilization, Overseeding, and blow away of all debris from property.

Cut & Trim 

Weekly Service




One Time Cut


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Fertilization & Overseeding 

5 Visit Program


3 Visit Program


One Time Application


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Fall Cleanup

Full Cleanup


Core Aeration


Leaf Removal Only


Fall Fertilizer


* Dormant Seeding


* Top Dressing


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Full Cleanups include: Removal of leaves and debris, Core Aeration, Cut & Trim, fall fertilizer, and blow away of all debris from property. Add on dormant seeding or topdressing if needed.

*$5 per additional bag for both paper or plastic (plastic contains roughly double the capacity)

Snow Removal

Residential Snow Removal (Base Rate)


Commercial Snow Removal

By Quote

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