Spring Cleanup

Power Raking

About Spring Cleanups

Spring cleanups are essential to giving your lawn every resource it needs to grow. In Calgary's dry and sunny environment, your lawn needs all the help it can get absorbing and retaining water in its root system. Spring cleanups do this and much more. Our packages range from one service to a full spring cleanup. Below is more information about what we offer, and why its important.

What we offer
  • Core Aeration

  • Power Raking​​

  • Hand Raking 

  • Cut & Trim

  • Spring Fertilizer

  • Overseeding 

  • Blow out of debris from flower beds and walkways​

   * Add Topdressing for improved soil quality and evenness

Core Aeration

Core aeration is the process of removing small cores of soil from your lawn. This reduces soil compaction, allows more air and water to enter deep into your lawn and promotes root growth. Other benefits of Core Aeration are:

  • Thatch will break down easier

  • Water will not pool, and runoff grass 

  • Fertilizer will be more readily absorbed

  • Turf grass roots will grow stronger

  • Grass will be provided with more cushioning and resiliency

  • The ability to withstand heat and drought will be increased.

There are many types of aeration out there on the market, spike/foot aerators spread soil and leave it more compacted. At Clover we use brand new Blue Bird aerators to fully remove deep cores and allow your grass to spread out and breath.

Power Raking

Perhaps the most misunderstood by homeowners is the benefit of power raking. While most companies will sell you on power raking as a one size fits all solution, the truth is not all lawns need power raking.  We can judge by the level of thatch and compaction on your lawn whether you need power raking, or if you're better off without.

Power raking is the process of pulling up the layer of thatch sitting just below the surface of your grass. Thatch is the buildup of dead decomposing grass and plant matter that builds up over time. If left to sit on top of your roots, thatch will prevent water, air, sunlight, and fertilizer from reaching your roots. On top of this it can also promote unwanted disease and insects. 

We will asses your level of thatch, determine if power raking is necessary, and make the correct adjustments to pull up the right amount of thatch without harming your root system. After, we'll go over your lawn with hand rakes to make sure all the excess debris is removed and bagged.

Cut & Trim

All cleanups are completed with a cut and trim suited especially for your lawn to leave it looking picture perfect and well groomed. Using professional mowers and trimers we make sure no area is left un-cared for.

Fertilization & Overseeding

We use a specialty slow release spring fertilizer with the right balance of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. To compliment  this we also use a specialty blend grass seed that will promote blade strength and formation of new roots to compliment your lawns current growth. After the cleanup is the ideal time to fertilize/overseed and we make sure your grass gets the right nutrients at the right time.

Blow Out

Finally, we blow away all clippings and debris from your flower beds, walkways, porch, or anywhere that needs it. By this time your lawn is prepped and ready to be enjoyed all summer.

*Top Dressing


Top dress your lawn for an additional cost based on square footage.


We add a thin layer of loam, compost, or garden soil. Through this process your lawn will be improved by:

  • Retaining more moisture and resisting drought often seen in Calgary summer's

  • Improved root development

  • Evening out lumps and bumps, filling in any small indents that may develop.

  • Stimulating grass to produce new rootsytems and choking out weeeds

*Edge Redefining 


Add on Edge redefining to clean up the grass that's growing over the sides of your walkways.


We will take our power sod cutter along each border on your lawn to keep a tidy, sharp look to your perimeters.