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Grass should be kept at an optimal length to provide shade from Alberta's harsh sun, yet short enough to provide a well-groomed look. At Clover, we assess your needs and determine a lawn care program that is tailor-made to your outdoor space (and grass type).

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Summary Of Our Rates

Listed below are our base rates, for large properties and commercial needs please contact us for a quote.

Weekly Lawn Mowing & Trimming - $33
Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing & Trimming - $43
One Time Lawn Mowing & Trimming - $53
/ Frequently Asked questions

Lawn Mowing FAQ'S

What is included in weekly/biweekly mowing?

-       Mowing at 2.5 – 3 inches depending on preference

-       Professional trimming around all edges, garden beds, and corners on property

-       Mulching of all clippings (bagging if preferred)

-       Blow off all hard surfaces, walkways, patios, etc.

-       Removal of any garbage that has blown into the yard

-       Initial edging along city sidewalks and any hard surfaces grass is growing over

When mulching, all clippings are ground to small pieces that break down and feed the turf. Recommended on all lawns. (For any fast-growing lush lawns we will bag clippings).

What would my price be?

Our weekly mowing packages start at $33. From there, we adjust based on square footage. Curious about what your cost would be? Let us give you a free estimate here.

How often should I be cutting my lawn?

As often as you’d prefer!

Keep in mind with bi-weekly service the grass will end up looking a little unkept towards the second week. It is much harder on the grass as over cutting the blade will stress it. Leaving it more open for drying out, disease, and weed growth through the season.

In rare rainy weeks it can grow to an overgrowth charge as it is quite a bit of extra work to have it brought back down to a maintainable length. We recommend at least starting the season on weekly cutting until late July when the growth slows, and then switching over to biweekly for the remainder. WE don’t lock you into any contracts so switch as you please!

We do always recommend weekly. However, we are willing to accommodate bi-weekly if you understand the risk of it becoming overgrown with a rainy couple weeks, and the subsequent charge to bring it back down. It is quite rare, but something we like to clear up beforehand so there are no surprises!

How long should I have my grass cut?

This can vary slightly depending on your grass type.

The standard in Alberta is between 2.5-3”. If your lawn is in a high sun area, being serviced biweekly, or is high in fescue, we recommend 3”.  If weekly, and receiving adequate water and nutrients, we recommend 2.5”

The final say is up to you! We’ll offer our advice, then service the grass to your personal preference.

Do you mulch your clippings?

Yes, we mulch all clippings unless otherwise specified. We recommend mulching clippings as they break down feeding the lawn and providing heat shade.

With mulch being almost entirely water as well as nutrient-dense, mulching is one of the most important steps to a healthy lawn.

When mulching, we recommend power raking each year to remove any excess thatch that was left from mulching over the winter.

What do you do with any remaining grass clippings?

All remaining clippings are left in your green bin for the composting facility.

How often am I billed?

We bill all of our routine maintenance clients at the end of each month. You will receive an email with your invoice attached along with a link to your client portal.We accept e-transfer, cash, credit card, and cheque. If you’d like to set up auto billing, let us know!

Do I need to sign a contract?

Nope! We are open ended and believe our service quality is the only thing that should keep our clients around. Give us two weeks’ notice from your last cut, and we are more than happy to close the season out for the year.  Minimum of four weeks of service for weekly/biweekly service.

Which day will I be serviced?

Depending on which city section you reside in, you will have a set day for service each week. We send a reminder email the day prior to our arrival. Keep in mind with weather/delays it can be a day early or late.

We will send a reminder email/text prior to your service date.

Will I be charged for taller grass?

Anything over 5” is deemed as overgrowth service. To avoid this, we recommend starting your program early in the spring when we are out for our spring clean-up route (see rates here).

Another reason we recommend weekly, overgrowth can happen in rare rainy weeks on biweekly packages, or if your yard grows exceptionally fast. Overgrowth is quite time consuming on our crews and machines, as well as hard on grass blade health.

We bill overgrowth mowing on time at $60 per man hour.  In our experience, if you think it may be a bit tall, it is likely overgrown.

What equipment do you use?

We use high end, commercial lawn mowers and trimmers. For mulching, commercial mowers are paramount in ensuring clippings are broken down well enough to leave a clean look.

Do you edge along sidewalks?

Yes! For all weekly/biweekly packages we provide an initial power edging along your walk ways. Call us if you’d like it redefined up to once a month.

Did we miss anything?

Have a question you didn’t see? Feel free to call us anytime at (403) 612-4262. Or contact us here.