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Providing Weed Free Lawns And Promoting Strong Turf Development

Alberta can be harsh on lawns! The dry air, intense sunlight, and alkaline soil create difficulties for any homeowner. Luckily, you’ve got us! With certified pesticide applicators, we take all the guesswork out of getting that perfect green lawn!

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Creating A Healthy Green Lawn

Whether it's our Grow package to keep your lawn fertilized and weed-free, or our Thrive package, to be the top lawn on the block. We provide all the services of the big guys, with prices and attention to detail of your local lawn care provider.

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Custom crafted organic and natural Lawn Care service

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Package Service Descriptions

Understand the products and services included in the packages above.


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Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous…simple right? 

These are the building blocks of all fertilizers used on turf. Which ratio, at what time, and how often, is the hard part. We will provide your lawn with all the nutrients, at the right times, without drying out or scorching your lawn. All of our packages start with this cornerstone of lawn health providing essential macronutrients in a slow-release formula.

Weed Control 

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On to the tough stuff…weeds. If you’re reading this, we imagine you’ve had your battle with weeds in the past. Let us help you win that battle once and for all. With all of our programs, we service your property season long with unlimited spot treatments until you are happy with your weed free lawn.


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The best cure for weeds? More grass!

Overseeding your lawn will provide your root system with a thicker, fuller turf built to choke out weeds before they can start. We’ll spread our hybrid grass seed to add more blade development to your lawn.

Humic Acid

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Healthy lawns don’t start at the grass blade, they begin deep in your soil. First thing we need to do is set your soil up for growth.

The soil balance in your lawn is the most important amendment we can make to provide your turf with perfect growing conditions. Most lawns in our area sit at around 8 on the pH scale (a little too basic). Along with heavy clay, this is why we have such tough growing conditions.

Using our humic acid formula, we can get your lawn right into that pH sweet spot where plant life and beneficial organisms thrive. Along with this, break down heavy clay’s and increase the carbon essential for plant growth.

Your grass will access minerals, recovering any deficiencies it may have developed over the years.

Sea Kelp

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Strange right? It may seem odd, but this beneficial powerhouse from the sea is exactly what lawns in Alberta need!  You may have heard sea kelp as the solution to heat stress in drier, hotter climates, here’s why:

Chalked full of minerals, anti-oxidants, and cytokinin, sea kelp is perfect for beating the heat.

We spray at the start of the hot/dry season in Alberta to:

  • Improve greening, density, and resilience
  • Enhance root growth
  • Increase nutrient uptake
  • Aid in photosynthesis, chlorophyll, and carbohydrate production
  • Increase seed germination

Looking for an organic solution to your fertilization needs? Try our seasonal sea kelp package for $189. Or let us build a personalized program with kelp as the centrepiece.

Elemental Sulphur

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Included in all of our fertilizer blends is a trace amount of elemental sulphur. Like with our Humic acid treatments, elemental sulphur is a potent tool for bringing your pH balance in line with ideal growing conditions.

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Additional Weed Control And Fertilization Services

Soil Test - $60

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Our packages are set up to address the average lawn in your city. Want a specialized approach? We can start with a soil test to find out the pH, micronutrients, and macronutrients.

We’ll take several samples from each of the zones on your property to find out what the health and nutrient balance is. Then, we’ll send it off to a lab with a complete analysis of your lawn’s health.

From there we can customize a turf program to fit your lawn.

Aeration - $60

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Core aeration is the process of removing small cores of soil from your lawn. This reduces soil compaction, allows more air and water to enter deep into your lawn and promotes root growth. Other benefits of Core Aeration are:

  • Thatch will break down easier
  • Water will not pool, and runoff grass
  • Fertilizer will be more readily absorbed
  • Turf grass roots will grow stronger
  • Grass will be provided with more cushioning and resiliency
  • The ability to withstand heat and drought will be increased.

There are many types of aeration out there on the market, however, coring is the only effective way to reduce compaction.

Spike/foot aerators spread soil, but without coring to allow displaced soil to settle, they will leave it more compacted. At Clover we use deep-tine core aerators to fully remove deep cores and allow your grass to spread out and breath.

Vegetation Control - $109

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We want your grass growing on your lawn. Not your patio, walkways, fireplaces, or your back alley. Call us today for a quote on getting your vegetation under control.

Topdressing - $299

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Top dress your lawn for an additional cost based on square footage.

We add a thin layer of loam, compost, or garden soil. Through this process, your lawn will be improved by:

  • Retaining more moisture and resisting drought are often seen in our summers.
  • Improved root development
  • Evening out lumps and bumps, filling in any small indents that may develop.
  • Stimulating grass to produce new root systems and choking out weeds.
  • pH balance 
  • Added nutrients for soil health
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Interested in just a few of the services and not ready to commit to a package? We can accommodate a mixture of custom services to meet your needs, contact us today!

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Learn More About Weed Control & Lawn Fertilization

What does a weed control program consist of?

At Clover Landscaping we offer individual products or multiple product packages containing herbicides, bio-stimulants, and organic options.

When does your weed control season start and finish?

Our weed control program starts in early spring when we are starting to show strong growth and it finishes in late fall as your lawn begins to go dormant.

What is a broadleaf plant?

Broadleaf plants (also called "broad-leaved") are those with leaves that have a flat, relatively broad surface. This surface is often marked with a network of prominent veins. These botanical characteristics distinguish them from plants with needle-like, awl-like, scale-like, or blade-like leaves.

What is Humic Acid?

Humic acid is a group of molecules that bind to plants, and help roots receive water and nutrients.

How does humic acid benefit your plants?

Humic acid increases nutrient uptake, drought tolerance, and seed germination. It increases the microbial activity in the soil, making it an excellent root stimulator.

What is Sea Kelp?

Sea kelp is an organic source of plant food with more than 70 micronutrients. When used on plants, it promotes foliage and blooms, enlarges chloroplasts, and optimizes cell processes.

What type of weed control herbicide do you use?

We use a number of different product names for our weed control. They are most commonly known as “Trillion” or “Par III”.

What type of weeds does Trillion target?

Weeds Controlled: Dandelions, plantain, black medick (yellow clover), buttercup, chickweed, clover, English daisy, ground daisy, ground ivy (creeping Charlie, knotweed, ironweed), poison ivy, ragweed, shepherd's-purse, bedstraw, heal-all, devil's paint brush.

When is the best time to apply weed control?

May and early June, as well as late August and September. We apply Trillion when weeds are actively growing and are not under stress.

How long will it take for the weed control to start working after application?

 A slight yellowing on weeds will occur, then they will begin to disappear after about seven to ten days.

Should I water my grass after a weed control application?

Please do not water grass within 24 hours of application. Our herbicide needs to absorb into the weed which takes anywhere from 6-12 hours depending on weather conditions.

You applied your weed control application, and my weeds are still alive!

 Please allow the herbicide to get to work. If you have a weed pop up after two weeks give us a call and we will come treat the problem area.

It rained shortly after my application, will it be okay?

Please allow for up to ten days for our application to begin to work. If you believe the application hasn’t worked please give us a call and we will come take a look.

How long do I have to stay off my lawn after an application?

Children and pets should be kept off the area for at least one day. 

Is your weed control safe for my kids and pets?

Yes, we request you and your family stay off of your lawn for 24 hours after an application to allow it to properly absorb into the weeds.

Do I need to clean up my yard?

Please ensure all pets are inside, and your lawn is clear of any obstructions (dog droppings, leaves, toys) which would impede our service technicians from completing an application. 

Do I need to be home when you service my lawn?

Nope! We will notify you prior to your appointment. As long as the property is accessible, we will be in and out and notify you with post care instructions.

I have a dog and a locked gate. Will you notify me when you’re coming?

Yes, we will notify you prior to your scheduled appointment date.